inputforcolor & bootstrap

This is another inputforcolor template, built on the famous CSS framework called bootstrap.

All inputforcolor websites are fully responsive to any viewing device but the Bootstrap framework also offers a standardised format for webpage elements which some business clients prefer. You can view the basic layout on the actual Bootstrap website or see it in action on the social media website Twitter or on PayPal. The purpose of this inputforcolor bootstrap template is to demonstrate how 'bespoke' and 'generic' can actually interlock to create 'something different'.

If you are viewing this page on a larger device you can drag the side of your browser screen in and out to watch how the page responds with 7 different background images! You can still see some elements changing on a smartphone by switching from portrait to landscape views. In fact, on the very smallest screen sizes, there are some webpage elements you won't see at all unless you turn your phone horizontal!


Web Development

inputforcolor has been working in web-development for many years. as well as practically applying code into projects from 4-5 different languages ifc carries out hundreds of hours of training and research every year so that the knowledge-base and skillset remains both current and stable.


Digital Graphics

if code is the 'bread & butter' of inputforcolor then graphics is definitely the jam! ifc takes pride in creative art-work and uses industry standard software to produce all kinds and types of graphics, for use on web and social-media sites, and for hard-copy printing as well.


Social Media

inputforcolor specializes in supporting small business. from the IT perspective this means getting information about products and events onto the web, not just quickly but attractively too. ifc provides clients with support and resources tailored to all the big social media outlets, and wherever appropriate will advocate the use of other news and traffic generators, such as blogs and e-media.

inputforcolor portfolio

inputforcolor blog is a standard Wordpress website modified by ifc to an entirely personalised theme that uses animation and all-original webpage templates, as well as all the standard Wordpress features, such as 'site search' and image storage / management. in order to gain further experience and establish a collection of bespoke samples, ifc is offering substantially reduced prices on the setup and building of individualised and exclusive 'bespoke' Wordpress themes, plus one year of maintenance, to the first five clients who make an order.

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some elements of are invisible to narrow viewing devices. try viewing the website by holding your phone horizontally.