Media & Code

inputforcolor's media & code page doesn't look the same to everyone!

if you are reading these words from a very small screen then directly below you'll find a small carousel with a limited selection of examples from ifc digital graphics library. viewers on larger screen devices will see approximately fifty images in a categorised gallery. click or tap on any image to see the full size.
to find out more about inputforcolor digital artwork please visit

as to inputforcolor's source code; again, the portfolio subdomain has information and updates about various projects and research. inputforcolor source code is only available to large screen devices. whenever projects are completed or become available for download they will be posted towards the bottom of this page and notification made in the headliner just below this text.

please note:
it is important to read inputforcolor's terms & conditions document prior to downloading any ifc code
. all ifc documentation is available on the specifics page.

inputforcolor graphics gallery

Click on images to see the larger version.